The 17 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 21st Century

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The 21st century is a scary time.

It seems like the horror movie industry cranks out more duds than any other genre. For every box-office-breaker like IT or critical darling like It Follows, there are a dozen or more throwaways like It Waits (remember that one? Neither do I, but it has a 12% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes). The sheer volume of horror-movies-per-year makes choosing what to watch next nearly impossible, especially when the best horror movies almost always intersect with other genres and movements. Should you go art house or international? Meta or Gothic? Explicit or ambiguous?

How about scary as hell? Below are 17 horror flicks from the start of the 21st century that you might have missed. They didn’t make either a critical or commercial splash but are worth checking out anyway. There’s a reason some films fly under the radar–not all of them are filmic masterpieces, or even wholly original–but these are scare-your-pants-off thrilling.

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