The 10 Best (Barely) Scary Movies to Watch If You Can’t Handle Horror Films

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These are complicated times, with divisive topics reliably receiving the lion’s share of our attention. Regrettably, it turns out that scary movies are one of those polarizing prospects! (Really!) We’ve scanned the Vogue offices, and found that you’re either the type of person who seeks out a film that is sure to terrify you, or you tend to stick to happier fare (or at least you have since The Blair Witch Project gave you nightmares). But what’s a media enthusiast to do when this time of year rolls around, and it seems like spooky is all thats on the menu? If you’re a hesitant horror-goer, this list is for you: 10 films that might give you a good-hearted jump, or brief shock, but will do nothing to impair your sleep or quality of life this Halloween season. (Several are even kid-friendly!) So grab some popcorn and cuddle up—without further ado:

Practical Magic (1998)

You’ll want to become a witch after watching this ’90s cinematic staple. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman star as witchy sisters navigating love, death, and magic. Bonus: You’ll get great outfit ideas. We’re talking mom jeans galore!

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