7 Reasons ‘Mannequin’ is the Most Terrifying Horror Movie

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“The boy’s death is your doing, Super Dad. Not mine.”

The point is, nobody rescued Superkid. The next chapter in the book of Superkid was an undertaker taping a size 1 suit to a bucket of viscera that dropped out of the sky in Nebraska. Let’s stop here and appreciate the brutal efficiency of Mannequin. In about ten seconds, this movie establishes a man is an asshole, and then it kills his son. Which means we haven’t even met the star of the movie yet and two characters have already had complete tragic arcs. This comedy ripped a family apart for zero laughs, and later it does the same thing to a dog. Let’s discuss the haunting story of Rambo the bulldog.

“Yes. Look at the boy for the last time. I bask in your suffering, Super Dad.”

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