15 Delicious Dinner for Breakfast Recipes

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Starting the day off with a big, well-rounded meal can help with losing weight by keeping your tummy fuller for longer. If you’re used to eating something skimpy (or nothing at all) in the morning, here’s a list of amazing dinner for breakfast recipes that are as hearty as they are nutritious. Now you have the perfect excuse for eating pizza before noon!

Sunny-Side-Up Pizza

Preparing this recipe is the best way I know to make sure my family takes time for breakfast. I just call out “pizza’s ready!” and amazingly everyone comes to the table. —Rose Koren, Brookfield, Illinois

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Mexican Rice with Poached Eggs

This Mexican rice recipe topped with soft fried eggs works for breakfast or dinner. I like to serve the dish with hot tortillas and a side of refried beans for a complete meal. —Jeanne Lewis, Brooklyn, Michigan

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BLT Quinoa Bowls

I absolutely love a BLT with sliced avocado and an egg. Recently, I’ve been trying out grain bowls, and I thought the flavors of my favorite sandwich would work really well. My family agreed! —Elisabeth Larsen, Pleasant Grove, Utah

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