6 Awesome Horror Movies That Prove We Need More Deep Sea Creature Features

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Aquatic horror is a broad categorization that can include anything related to the water, and it’s also a subcategory often dominated by sharks. But in this instance, I’m talking oceanic horror that leans into the supernatural. I’m not interested in monstrous sharks, piranha, or crocodiles (though I’ll gladly take those too). I want more deep sea creature features or horror movies that take the alien, isolated setting of the ocean and use it to enhance the fear of the unknown. With so much of the world’s oceans still a mystery, there’s a vast wealth of potential waiting to be tapped.

These six aquatic horror movies take full advantage of the strange mysteries of the sea, and the disadvantages that brings for its human characters. They elicit thrills and chills, while bringing something unique to the genre. These movies prove we need more like them.

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