5 Bengali breakfast recipes

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2. Parota & dum aloo

It is same as luchi but much more thicker and larger in size. It is not deep fried but slowly cooked in very less oil. Sometimes it is prepared with some stuffing items inside parota (like aloo parota, paneer parota etc). Those parota is served with dum aloo or any other sabzi.

3. Roti & sabzi

Bengalis do not eat roti in their main course meal (lunch/dinner), rather they prefer it in breakfast or sometimes weekend breakfast. Though nowadays many families prefer to have roti for dinner rather than having rice both times in lunch as well as dinner. Homemade plain tawa made roti is preferred. Mostly it is served with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish. This is one of the easiest Bengali breakfast recipes.

4. Bread omelette

Bread omelette is another great option for breakfast in Bengali families. Normally bread & omelette do serve as two different items, rather they prefer fried bread slices dipped in egg or cook both bread & egg with finely chopped onion, green chillies, tomatoes etc.

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