5 Bengali breakfast recipes

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Breakfast is the most important food for the whole day. If we do not have the practice to have good food for breakfast then we will never feel energetic throughout the day. That is why nowadays we often follow healthy breakfast food practices. We have adopted better food habit across the various cuisines in this world. So nowadays Bengali people also eat poha, sabudana khichdi, milk & corn flakes, idli etc as a breakfast food. But still, we often eat our traditional breakfast foods. Here is a short list of easy Bengali breakfast recipes for you.

5 easy Bengali breakfast recipes

1. Luchi & chholar dal/dum aloo

Luchi is nothing but North Indian puri which is made with maida (refined all-purpose flour) instead of normal wheat flour. It actually deep fried Indian bread. Soft all-purpose flour made ball is rolled to give flat circular shape and finally deep fried in vegetable oil. It is often served with chholar dal (split Bengal gram lentils) or dum aloo ( potato made spicy dish).

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