25 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Get You Going in the Morning

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As a Culinary Arts teacher, you would think that I eat elaborate meals at lunchtime but this has been a struggle of mine since I first started.

My first year teaching, culinary was the eighth period and this year, culinary is the third period. This means coffee when I walk in and start working our student ran coffee shop and nothing until the third period. I might get something and two hours later when lunch finally rolls around I eat with the art teacher.

And by eat I mean I do one of two things: I devour food because I haven’t eaten all day or I don’t eat because I consumed too much during the third period.

The balance, I am seeing, lies not with lunchtime but in breakfast. Instead of rushing as soon as I get up, I need to find a time to sit down and eat something healthy. So here are some recipes I now want to dig into. Breakfast recipes that are healthy and will save time.

Ideas for a Healthy Breakfast

1. Healthy Brown Rice Pudding

My grandmother taught me something very important as a child. She taught me that you could eat rice pudding for breakfast and get away with it.

But adding fruit, switching cow’s milk out with almond milk, and making your rice whole wheat, you are set to go for a healthy meal. To make it better, the author made enough for eight servings, meaning you could eat this several times a week. Even if you divided the recipe in half, you could make enough to almost get you through the week. Have someone else you are sharing with? Perfect! You each have enough for a few days in the week.

Check out ifoodreal for the full recipe, which I plan to make before next week.

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