20 Short Horror Stories From Reddit That Are Way Better Than Most Horror Movies You’ve Ever Watched

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2. Blurry by Thatonecricket101

I got my first pair of glasses last week. My parents didn’t think I needed them at first, but the doctor said that there was something wrong with more than just my eyes that was apparently pretty common, and that I needed specially prescribed glasses “for my own good”.

He said that many people were never given the chance to see the way I would, so I was lucky to get them. I thought he meant cars and faraway words would become less blurry, but over the span of a couple of days, many more things have become more clear. I started seeing nightmare creatures. All around.

I’d never seen them there before, like in the corners of my room and in darkened parking lots. I took my glasses off for the first time today. And let me just say it’s amazing how quickly demons and creatures turn into trees and shadows.

I know I’m not seeing the truth. But I’m a simple person. I’d rather things remain blurry, just the way it is for everyone else.

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