20 Short Horror Stories From Reddit That Are Way Better Than Most Horror Movies You’ve Ever Watched

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No matter how brave you think you are, everybody fears the unknown. The nights are particularly scary considering there’s very little see.

So, in order to make your nights a little scarier, here are some of the finest horror specimens from Reddit. Read them at your own peril.

1. The Writing On The Wall by Erlendj

A young boy lay sleeping in his bed when he heard footsteps outside his room. He peeked out of his eyes to see what was

happening when his door swung open to reveal a murderer carrying corpses of his parents. After silently propping them up

on a chair, he wrote something on the wall in the blood of the dead bodies. He then hid under the child’s bed.

The child got scared beyond belief. He couldn’t read the writing on the wall and he knew the man was under his bed. Like

any child, he pretended that he slept through the whole thing and hadn’t woken up yet. He lay still as the bodies, quietly

hearing the breathes from under his bed.

An hour passed, and his eyes got adjusted to the darkness. He tried making out the words, but it was a struggle. He gasped

when he finally read out the sentence.

‘I know you’re awake’ he read as he felt something shift underneath his bed.

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