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A few months ago I shared a simple recipe for guilt-free southern fried chicken, and since that time it has exploded in popularity more than I ever imagined! Air Fryers are wonderful kitchen inventions that allow you to cook your favorite foods without deep frying, and their uses span far beyond fried recipes! In fact, most air fryers come with accessories that allow you to bake, too! Cutting back on excess grease and practicing healthier cooking methods is something I’m all about, so I’ve been feeling really inspired to get my Air Fryer back out and really start cooking more with it!

I’ve really been impressed with some of the creative recipes others have been coming up with using their Air Fryer systems! As I sit here eating my not-so-impressive bowl of cereal, I’m daydreaming of delicious and filling breakfast baked to perfection in my air fryer, so I took to Pinterest to scope out some of the most drool-worthy air fryer breakfast recipes I could find! They’re all made by some pretty fabulous and creative culinary bloggers, so make sure you stop by their pages and show them a little love!

Air Fryer Baked Apples – The Leaf (Nutrisystem)

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