14 Skinny Breakfast Recipes that Make the Case for Best Breakfast Ever

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2. Breakfast Phyllo Wrap

Upgrade that processed egg wrap from the coffee shop into this incredibly delicious breakfast phyllo wrap. The recipe uses eggs whites, whole wheat phyllo, Applegate Reduced Sodium Sunday Bacon, and fat-free cheese to keep things clean. Add in some onion, tomato, and mushrooms, or other veggies of your choosing.

Follow the recipe of this wrap precisely, and you can expect a Weight Watchers breakfast that comes in at just 4 Points per serving.

3. Strawberry Blender Muffins

Skip the store-bought muffins that are laden with processed ingredients and sugar and opt for these simple, homemade blender muffins that are ready to go in the oven in fewer than 10 minutes.

The fresh strawberries provide you with brain power and natural sweetness in every bite. Oats, bananas, eggs, non-fat plain yogurt, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, and salt round out the recipe. Talk about skinny ingredients!

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