11 Delicious Easy Breakfast Recipes in Hindi To Start Your Morning With | 11 Popular Breakfast Recipes In Hindi

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5. Peanut Butter Smoothie

Got up late and you have an important meeting to attend but no time to cook a big meal? Just grab a glass of peanut butter smoothie. It is the best substitute for breakfast as it includes all the healthy substances like banana, oats, yogurt, milk and a few cubes of ice. This smoothie refreshes you for the whole day and provides you more than enough nutrients to get energised for that meeting.

Easy Breakfast recipes in Hindi: Just grab a glass of peanut butter smoothie Photo Credit: Photo credits: NDTV BEEPS

6. Matar Aloo Sandwich

Who doesn’t like a delicious breakfast to start their day with? If you are a potato (aloo) lover then matar aloo sandwich can be a great start to your weekends. No special ingredients or appliances needed, this sandwich can be prepared on a tawa as well. You can even add paneer on days you are feeling indulgent!

7. Muli Ka Paratha

In North India, various kinds of parathas are served in breakfast, and one of them is muli ka paratha. Muli Paratha is mouth-watering and is one of the most loved ways to use the seasons’s best Mooli. There are many digestive benefits of muli (raddish), so this is a perfect mixture of taste and nutrition on your plate.

Easy Breakfast recipes in Hindi: In North India, various kinds of parathas are served in breakfast

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