10 Twisted Fairy Tale Films That Bring the Horror!

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Folklore and fairy tales have been around for centuries, long before the written word, and they were often quite brutal and bloody. Moral tales full of fairies, goblins, mermaids, dragons, and various other magical creatures that featured cannibalism, murder, and dismemberment to keep children in line. Sounds like horror, right? When fairy tales lean hard into their horror roots, that’s when the real magic happens. Here are 10 great horror films that blend the two together to unleash fairy tale carnage:

The Hallow

With The Nun arriving in theaters, now is the perfect time to catch up with director Corin Hardy’s feature debut. This dark fairytale is part creature feature, part body horror, and all Irish folktale as it follows a British plant conservationist and his family as they discover the hard way what it means to ignore warning signs and invade the territory of fairies, banshees, and changelings. Forget Tinker Bell, these fairies are truer to their origins; monstrous, mean, and deadly.

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