10 Real-Life Horror Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

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Step onto the set of your favorite horror movie … if you dare.

Why not arrange a trip to visit the real-life locations where your favorite horror movie was shot? While many scary flicks are filmed on sets, some use real places for their backdrops—locales that often possess their own spooky history every bit as ominous as what ended up on the silver screen.

Pack up the car for one creepy road trip. From the cursed house of Michael Myers to the deadly stairs in The Exorcist, here are 10 real-life horror movie locations you can actually visit… if you dare.

1. The Stairs from The Exorcist

While you may not be able to go into the house that served as Regan’s home in The Exorcist, which is now a private residence, you can still join countless film tourists every year in exploring the famous stairs down which Father Karras took his climactic tumble. The narrow stone steps are on the corner of Prospect and 36th, leading down to M Street in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

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