10 Overlooked Modern Horror Comedies

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There’s perhaps no two genres more closely aligned than horror and comedy. Both serve the purpose of eliciting a physical response from the viewer, and both rely on a rhythm, or precise timing to land their intended gags. Horror often uses humor as levity to punctuate long stretches of tension or scares, giving the viewer a moment to catch their breath before ramping up the suspense again. So, it’s no surprise the horror-comedy mashup makes for some of the most fun horror movies. Celebrated films like Cabin in the WoodsSlitherTucker and Dale vs EvilShaun of the DeadEvil Dead II, and more have become tried and true crowd pleasers that even non-horror fans tend to love. But for those looking for something new or different, there’s a lot more horror-comedies out there that are worth seeking out. Here’s 10 modern horror-comedies that have been overlooked and deserving of more love:

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