10 frighteningly awesome horror events you need to know about

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You might have to sleep with the light on after this

‘Tis the season when caring is scaring, and attractions around the nation are up to the task. From extreme single-guest experiences that will test your psychological mettle to old-fashioned mazes with more traditional elements of spook. Even film festivals will find you on the edge of your seat.

This list of 10 must-visit horror attractions runs the gamut, but can you run the gauntlet of fear traps that each of them set? Read on and decide for yourself.

Gates of Hell | Las Vegas

It was the first R-rated attraction in Nevada, an “experiment in serious, uncompromising interactive horror.” Gates of Hell is part of the Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror in Las Vegas, an experience of the highest horror order.

It’s a Halloween life event perhaps surpassed only by the operation’s 2013 ante-upper: the 18+ Victim Experience, a solo-participant, after-hours offering so intense that only a portion of those who volunteer for the challenge “survive” without saying the safe word.

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